1000000000% recommend

Samantha was a pivotal part of our birth team. She came into my homebirth sweetly and quietly, acting as if she were a fly on the wall, yet still providing this gentle, loving, and reassuring presence. I never once noticed the camera as I was deep in labor land and it just felt amazing to have another mama there who had gone through the portal and deeply understood physiological birth quietly supporting me and rooting me on. Our birth photos were stunning and I still can’t look at them without crying. She captured the raw beauty of birth and made me look like an absolute birthing goddess. One of them even won an award on the popular birthing community “birth becomes you

We cherish the memories she’s given us.

Samantha has been documenting our growing family for years and we cherish the memories she’s given us.

She has a magical way of capturing each of us individually and as a family.
She is fun and creative and even on our worst days makes family photos a wonderful adventure!

The photos that Sam captures are raw, emotional, and captivating.

She captured the birth of my third baby beautifully and honestly, and I was thankful to have her there by my side– even through the less-than-ideal laboring hours of 10PM-6AM.  She is a wonderful person, a comforting presence, and a true artist.

-Lisa Spencer of Lisa Jo Photography

Sam’s images have a unique, candid quality.

I didn’t realize how much I would actually cherish a photographic record of the biggest days of my life, but every time I look back at my pictures, I can instantly bring back the strength and power that was required to meet my baby. Samantha entered the birthing space so respectfully that I didn’t even know she was there. She utilized the light and structural elements of the space so uniquely – the even climbed up to the rafters of our second story and took unbelievable areal shots that encompass the entire experience in a way I can hardly describe. I will always be so grateful for her flexibility, imagination and the impressive quality of her work – I look forward to working with her again and again!

-Brie Buxton

I felt incredibly safe and empowered in the process.

At the time I hired Samantha for my labor and birth photography, I did not realize what a treasure I was investing in. I had the pleasure of not only getting my birth photographed by her, but I also had a maternity shoot and a newborn/postpartum photoshoot with her as well. Samantha is a joy to work with and I felt incredibly safe and empowered in the process. The flower bath photoshoots are so romantic and feminine, which I found to be a very healing way to celebrate my pregnancy. During my labor and birth, Samantha captured some moments I’ll treasure for the rest of my life! She quietly watched from the sidelines and her gentle presence felt supportive but not invasive. However, the images were intimate and powerful. A true talent that Samantha possesses is the ability to catch private moments without invading personal space. Samantha is a mother herself so her experience and patience with babies really helped document some sweet postpartum photos as well. Babies grow so quickly and I am very grateful I trusted Samantha with documenting this life experience. If you invest with her, you won’t be disappointed.

-Samantha DeBruhl

She became such a fond part of my birth story.

I was undecided as to whether or not I should hire a birth photographer. I’m very protective of my birth space and the vibes a person brings into the room is important to me. With that being said I’m so very glad we chose Samantha! She is incredibly skilled and professional but also so very loving and kind. She became such a fond part of my birth story. The images she captured are truly amazing and bring me right back to those moments in time. I will treasure them forever!